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Why Your Furry People Needs Supplements
& A Natural & Organic, Chemical Free Diet. 

Funny Pitbull Portrait


Incorporating probiotics into your pet's health can be beneficial for the gut, skin, bad breath and help them bounce back after being on medication.

Whippet Dog

Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins will provide nutrients that may be missing from your pet's diet. This can help your pet live a healthy and happy life. 

Black Dog

Hip & Joint

Green lipped mussel can help with inflammation in the joints. MSM, Yucca, Turmeric, can help  with pain and overall make your pet's walks less painful and have a better quality of life. 

Cute Dog


Dogs can become anxious due to many factors. A calming supplement that contains chamomile, passion flower  and valerian root can help reduce your pets anxiety levels and calm them down.

Dog's Portrait

Essential Amino Acids

Protein allows your dog's body to function properly and it contributes to healthy hair, skin and muscle recovery. 

Image by Karsten Winegeart


Essential fatty acids and antioxidants can help soothe an itchy skin and alleviate discomfort from allergies.

All of our pet treats are soft and chewy, because your furry people may not have teeth, missing teeth, or be little furry people and have almost no jaw pressure. Plus, less goes to waste with crumbs, and easier to chew, digest, and enjoy. Flavor ridges on every chewy treat. Easy serve pop top lids to make your life easier, and furry people safer.

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