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Pet Chef Chew No Poo! STOP Nasty Habits and Kiss Killer. 10oz 140 count money saving jar. Also with exlclusive easy serve pop top lid. Flavor burst ridges to enhance the great roasted peanut butter flavor.


Natural and Organic. No fillers, no lies and no problems with bad chemicals and fillers that contsrict a good fur persons bowels. Improves health naturally, and stops the poop eating habit, and improves stomach micro flora. Simple fix that resets the good bacteria and stops cravings to eat poop from dogs and cats. 


Simple fix to a nasty health problem. Roasted peanut butter flavor, and boosted with flavor ridges that make eating fun. Follow dosing and feeding instructions on the jar. Also can be crumbled over wet and dry food and mixed in. Simple and done. 


SKU: PC CNOPOO 12.23.23 PB
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