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Pet Chef, Pet Nutritionist Developed. Easy serve pop top jar. 140 count, 10oz big savings. Pick either Vegan Smokey Bacon, or Roasted Peanut Butter Flavor. Six Super probiotic blend for furry people. Approved strains by the FDA as probiotic strains that work best. Combine that with a Prebiotic Inulin, and you have 30 Billion CFU strenght plus Enzyme blend to super power your friend. Then add pumkin to it for even better digestion and anal gland help.


Solves bad breath, stinky ears, itching and scratching and even eye stains, and tearing. Makes poop great again and stops gas. Great vegan bacon flavor or Roasted Peanut Butter flavor, with all natural and organic ingredients even fruits and vegetable organic blend. Please give 2 weeks to 30 days to see best results. Can also be crumbled and mixed into wet or dry food for picky eaters.


Pet Chef Gut & Digestion Health. Multiple Probiotics + Enzyme Blend + Pumpkin

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