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Pet Chef, 10oz 140 count value jar. Stops dog butt issues and aweful smells. Custom formulated to relieve itching, dragging and scooting in your house for tender smelly dog behinds. 10oz easy serve pop top lid jar. Delicious roasted peanut flavor. Flavor ridges to enhance taste and mouth feel. Also can be crumbled over wet or dray food for picky eaters. Gives anal gland relief and stops groomer and vet visits saving you big money and time. 


Natural and organic with no fillers and nothing fake. No chemicals that can create helath issues. Follow dosing instructions on the jar. Remember your dog did not have this issuse in 30 days so please allow 2 weeks to 30 days to correct this bad problem. 

Scoot No More. Anal Gland Relief

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